8 Brilliant Ways to Liven Up Your Home Lighting


Some spaces feel tiny, dusty, dark, and constricted due to poor planning.  This leads to less optimal use of and access to light sources. However, lighting can make a big difference to your space. It makes your room easier to lounge in and, in addition, makes your room radiate brighter and more positive energy. 


Lighting is all about bringing light and space into your life. It is also about creating visual drama and interest. With light, you can create the ultimate homey ambiance. Continue reading to learn new tricks on how you can liven up the way your home is lit! 


Use Natural Lighting

Never underestimate the power of natural lighting. Natural light gives your space a bright, nice, and airy feel. It makes everything in your room look appealing. Natural light’s visual appeal to a home is highly desired and coveted. 


“Daylighting” is a lighting scheme that uses natural light schemes. Its high demand is rooted in the relationship between natural light and productivity. According to various research, people feel more productive, comfortable, and alert when they work in the morning under natural lighting. 


Another benefit and perk of natural lighting is that it reduces electricity consumption and cost. In addition, when you use natural lighting, you won’t rely on artificial light to brighten your room and surroundings. 


Combine Natural Light and Illumination

Natural light and illumination work together to give the illusion of a brighter, larger interior. In contrast, poorly-lit and dim rooms with larger furniture and well-lit rooms with less furniture give the opposite effect regarding lighting and interior design. 


You can use multiple lighting sources for the evenings to prevent your interior areas from having poor lighting and visibility. Moreover, ambient, task and ambiance lighting such as wall sconces throughout your home allow your home the pleasant illusion of a larger visual interior and, as a result, makes you want to linger around in them much longer. 


Maximize Your Natural Light With Other Objects

Reflective surfaces tend to be underestimated often by homeowners, especially with how they can maximize natural and artificial light. Objects with reflective and illuminating surfaces include prisms, mirrors, ceilings, crystals, and glass. If you place objects with reflective surfaces properly, they can go a long way toward illuminating your home interiors. 


For example, place smaller mirrors on mantels or the wall-like pictures so that small amounts of natural light peeking through your room windows can throw back. For added illumination, you can mirror your votive candle holders on tables and in the darker corners of your room. 


Place Your Windows Strategically 

Windows can enhance the natural charm of your home with the help of natural lighting. If you are in the process of designing your home or rearranging your furniture, allow yourself flexibility regarding natural lighting and the placement of your windows, as natural lighting is one of your best allies for a bright and happy home ambiance. 


Another crucial factor regarding your window placement is your lifestyle. 


Use Houseplants

You can add houseplants to your interiors for healthy living and natural light benefits. Using greenery around your home gives you an excuse to open your windows more often. Placing your houseplants in a sunroom or a kitchen garden is perfect for growing herbs, small plants, and other plants that bear vegetables or fruit. 


Use Accent Light

Accent lights give direction and visual separation in rooms. In a room, they are secondary lighting and should be three to five times brighter than the ambient light level. Sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lights are all good examples of accent lighting.  


In nature, accent light emphasizes, lights on, and highlights a feature in the room interior—one good example of an accent light in art museums. The ambient lighting in art museums denotes peace and serenity with its low light. Meanwhile, the accent light prominently features the painting in the display. 


Opt For Security Lighting

While most of your home interior lighting can be aided by layering natural and artificial light, security lighting is another facet of your home that can benefit from the investment. Security lighting scares off potential thieves and destructive animals. In addition, security lighting also guides your guests toward your home and makes your nighttime surroundings more visible to the human eye. 


When it comes to security lighting, opt for a shielded, medium-intensity light than one that is intensely lit. A dimmer one will allow you more movement and visibility regarding security concerns. These actions include jotting down descriptions, license plate numbers, etc., for authorities, if necessary.


Make Use Of Different Color Temperatures

Different color temperatures have different uses. For every part of your house, the same principle applies. For rooms that are used for study and work, you can use Daylight color temperature. Daylight functional lighting allows you to be focused and productive for your study and or work from home set-ups. Kitchens are also a place of focus and creation, thus, it may also benefit from a daylight lighting temperature.

Dining rooms, on the other hand, should be more cozy and can benefit from Cool White lighting to promote feelings of leisure and enjoyment. 


For bedrooms, warm lighting is the most appropriate as it provides a  soothing atmosphere and a relaxing effect on people.  Warm lighting allows you to transition better to your sleep after a long day’s work or study.  


Brighten Your World With Firefly

How you utilize the lighting available in your home can affect the ambiance of your home. It makes your home more conducive for activities and more visually pleasing. Aside from improving your home’s aesthetic value, lighting can improve your productivity. 


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