FELCO, the first lighting company to implement the DOE’s PELP

Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation (FELCO) pioneers the implementation of the new energy label in the Philippine lighting industry


In compliance with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (Republic Act 11285), the Department of Energy (DOE) has implemented the new Philippine Energy Labeling Program (PELP). The PELP standardizes the energy consumption rating information in all energy consuming products.  The objective of the PELP is to transform the market and encourage the shift in consumer behavior towards the use of more energy efficient products and technologies.  


Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation (FELCO), with its lighting brands Firefly and Ecolum, is the first lighting company in the Philippines to receive its energy label star ratings from the DOE. FELCO has started labeling its lighting products in time for the DOE’s Trade Roadshow inspections beginning January 2023.


“The implementation of the PELP comes in very timely given the continued rise in energy costs, and our shared responsibility to contribute to the global energy conservation efforts, as the initiative seeks to shift consumer behavior in favor of more energy efficient products and technologies through the information displayed on the labels and made visible at point of sale,”  explains Mr. Erik Riola, Marketing Director of FELCO.


One of the many benefits of this new regulation include the access to validated and easy to understand energy rating values. This is indicated in the 5-star rating system incorporated in the labels of identified energy-consuming products. With the information provided, consumers have a better perspective on the energy efficiency of the products that can help aid their decision of which brand to buy.  Once fully implemented, this new standard will eventually encourage the proliferation of more energy efficient products in the market thereby helping reduce electricity consumption, and mitigating the potential environmental impact of all energy consuming products.


FELCO has been advocating for the shift from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps to the more energy-efficient lighting technology of Light-Emitting Diodes (LED). It is worth noting that not all LED brands available in the market are of the same quality.  With the implementation of the DOE energy label, consumers will now have a standard and more objective basis of evaluating the lighting brand that is right for them.  Consumers can check the different star ratings and corresponding price points of the various brands available in the market.  A higher star rating means a more energy-efficient product, with 5 stars being the highest.  FELCO’s  Firefly PRO Series LED bulbs and tubes have been rated with 5 stars.


Being the first lighting company to secure the energy labels from DOE, FELCO was selected to be part of the “Enerhiyang Atin”, Energy Efficiency and Conservation (ECC) Interactive Mall Tour in promoting the PELP and other practices, measures, and technologies in energy efficiency and conservation.

Ikuo Kani (Daikin Phils.), Liza Liserio (SM), Erik Riola (FELCO), Kristian Ablan (PCOO), Patrick Aquino (DOE), during the ribbon cutting of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (ECC) Interactive Mall Tour.


“FELCO will continue to work closely with the Department in the expansion of the PELP to more energy consuming products and categories, and remain committed in our investments behind research and development to constantly improve the quality of our products making them more energy-efficient, and to support our claims.”, Riola adds.

Ikuo Kani (Daikin Phils.), Patrick Aquino (DOE), Kristian Ablan (PCOO), Erik Riola (FELCO) and Liza Liserio (SM) during the Q&A of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (ECC) Interactive Mall Tour.