The Benefits Of Owning An Air Cooler

portable air cooler and humidifier

If you are living in a hot and humid place, then you probably already know how much of an impact it can have on your well-being. It is hot out there, and the last thing you want is to be stuck sweating in your own home. 

What if you don’t have enough money to install an air conditioning system? Fortunately, there are several other options for keeping cool in the summer heat! 

Air coolers are a great way to stay comfortable on those days when the temperature gets too high. They are affordable, quiet, and easy to use, and they don’t require any installation work at all. Just set them up where you need them and enjoy!

An air cooler is a great investment because can lower your energy bills since you will not have to use the AC unit often anymore, and improve your health. According to studies, utilizing an air cooler to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather can really aid in enhancing respiratory function and health.


Here are some of the main perks of owning an air cooler:


  • They are affordable. Air coolers typically cost between PHP2,000 and PHP 10,000, depending on their size and features. These costs are a fraction of what you would normally spend on a window or portable AC unit. Even though they are cheaper, they can save you money in the long run because they use less energy compared to other cooling methods like central air systems.


  • No installation required. If you’ve ever had to install an air conditioner before, you know that it can be complicated and time-consuming—especially if you don’t have experience doing this type of thing before! But air coolers are super easy to install: Just place them in the room you want.


  • Great for rentals. When renting a house or apartment, there are several constraints or restrictions. Installing a permanent air conditioner is not always permitted. Moving an air conditioner to a new home is difficult, even though there’s a chance you might face consequences or have to move after a while. Portable air conditioners are the best type of rental. They can be put anywhere, making it convenient for you. Plus, they won’t change the room’s appearance by making a hole in the wall for the AC.


Air conditioners cost thousands of pesos to install. Compared to air conditioners, air coolers are generally more affordable and easy to use. They can also be moved easily from room to room if necessary. They are portable, so you can bring them with you everywhere you go. 

Air coolers are great for people who do not have central air conditioning in their homes or offices.  If you live in a place where electricity is expensive, using an air cooler instead of running your central AC unit all day long could save you money on your electric bill each month.

Air coolers have a few key benefits over traditional air conditioners. These key benefits include:


– They do not require as much maintenance

– They are more energy-efficient than AC units


Air coolers are like a cross between an air conditioner and a fan—they cool down the air around you, but they don’t use electricity or water as an air conditioner does. 

And while they won’t do anything about humidity in your space, they will make sure your body stays cool enough for comfort.

Firefly air coolers are an excellent method to remain cool whenever the temperature rises high. Firefly air coolers have a multiform air filtration that freshens air efficiently and a  4-wind speed that lets you choose according to your preference. They are easy to control since they feature a touch panel and have an easy-to-use remote control. With the Firefly air coolers’ smart memory, there is no need to worry about unexpected power outages. 

Lastly, these air coolers have an overtime working protection that automatically shuts down the air cooler after 15 hours of continuous working without any operation. 


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